Wedding Ceremonies

Including Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Welcome a child into the Community of Life

Funeral Ceremonies

With a focus on celebrating the deceased’s life

Our approach to all rites of passage ceremonies is grounded in our inclusive Unitarian values that focus on the worth and dignity of every person.

WEDDINGS inc. Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies

We offer personalised weddings – including same-sex – for couples wishing to create a ceremony that is right for them.

Aside from the required legal wording, we give you the freedom to write your own vows – or choose from a range of options – as well as selecting all other elements of the marriage service.

The tone of the content can be Humanistic, Christian or Mind-Body-Spirit oriented as you wish. Our view is that offering this freedom helps couples participate with full integrity – making it YOUR ceremony rather than primarily something that is done to you!

The celebrant, usually our minister, will help you to devise a ceremony that will be uplifting, memorable and meaningful.


Similar freedom exists in creating a naming ceremony or baptism appropriate for whatever circumstance. Parents can create a ceremony that allows them to express publicly their commitment to their child, and to welcome that child into the community of Life.

The ceremony may be Christian, humanistic or Earth-centred in character as appropriate. The symbolism of water may be used or omitted. Being a single or unmarried parent is no bar to requesting a ceremony.


Our minister is available to conduct funeral ceremonies based on the same open, non-dogmatic principles as for weddings and child namings. This could, for example, be a cremation ceremony at the crematorium or a service at our Meeting House followed by a committal ceremony at the crematorium or graveside.

The minister will meet with family members to discuss the service and ensure that the occasion is a fitting tribute, focusing not on abstract doctrine but serving as an affirmative celebration of the deceased’s life, offering comfort to family and friends.

We can also conduct memorial services that can comfortably seat 70 people.

To discuss our personalised approach to special ceremonies, please telephone minister Matthew Smith on

(01728) 621409 or email him at


We are currently seeking to develop a Friends of the Meeting House scheme.

If you would like further information, please contact the current minister, Rev. Matthew Smith